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“We have had a long and pleasant relationship with our good friend Dennis Smith, “The Stock Doctor”. We have been extremely pleased in our business dealings with Dennis. The work he has done for us on vintage and fine quality shotguns has always been impeccable and of the highest standards of stock making. The fit and finish, as well as the fine checkering, of his finished product are second to none and we will continue to use him over and over again.”
—Jim Thynne and Jerry Kitto, Ivory Beads, Inc.

“When I was looking to have a new stock made for my favorite 12 bore Beretta side by side, I discussed my plan with Dennis “The Stock Doctor” Smith. It was at The Vintager's World Cup and he was able to look my gun over and help me pick out a nice walnut blank. A year later, my gun arrived, and upon opening the box, my wife and I both just said, "Wow!" The wood work was nothing short of fantastic and I could not have been more pleased. The checkering, finish and wood to metal fit were excellent. Dennis called me personally the day my gun arrived to ensure that I was pleased with the work. I wouldn't consider anyone else to do my stock work. Have Dennis “The Stock Doctor” Smith do your stock work, you'll be glad you did!”
—Tony Masino, Bowie, Maryland

“I had considered myself a fairly accomplished woodworker, but came to realize that there is a vast gulf between the amateur and the artist - Dennis Smith is the latter, and has rescued me on several occasions. He works wonders with wood, and is highly recommended.”
—Mike McDaniel, Flower Mound, Texas

“I want to personally thank you for the excellent work you have provided me and our company, Luxus Arms, LLC. Your stock work and finish are first rate and your leather pads are the best I have seen. We will continue to send you business. Thanks you!”
—Clay Barker, Luxus Arms, LLC; Mt. Orab, Ohio

“Here in the small double gauge world I live in, Dennis Smith, a.k.a. The Stock Doctor, is my silent partner. High-grade doubles from Spain, Italy and Germany all come from the makers with about 1/4" of cast-off. This facilitates intuitive shooting for a right-handed shooter, since the barrels are pointing where he is looking when he shoulders the gun. Good for them, but a disaster for a left-handed shooters.

I employ Dennis to work his magic by changing a 1/4" cast-offs to a 1/4" cast-on. SHAZAMM! He's changed the left-handed shooter's life!

I suspect that left-handedness makes up of about 12% of the general population, but thanks to The Stock Doctor, left-handed shooters make up over 25% of my customer base. Thank you, partner!”
—Bill Hanus,; Newport, Oregon