I am a fully qualified and skilled stockmaker.

I can fix it, restore it, alter it, build it from a block of wood, or upgrade your gunstock….be it made in 1692 AD or 2020 AD.

Services Include:

  • Stock Bending
  • Adjustable Comb/soft comb
  • Recoil pad installation
  • Forend tip additions
  • Sling swivel studs; inletted or standard
  • Glass bedding of Action or Barreled Action
  • Leather covered recoil pads
  • Refinishing of gunstocks
  • Checkering of gunstocks
  • Custom gunstock building for any sporting purpose
  • Stock fitting
  • Buttstock extensions/grafting
  • Gunstock repairs; minor to major
  • Gunstock dent removal
  • Skeleton buttplate
  • Skeleton grip cap
  • Buffalo horn buttplates
  • Exotic wooden gripcaps made by hand