Base Price List

In pricing your custom gunstock work, you start with the appropriate base price. Then you can add any additional custom work and detailing from the “Upgrade Options” list. The base price includes inletting, shaping, sanding, detailing, finishing, standard point-pattern checkering, recoil pad of your choice, metal grip cap (single screw type) and Uncle Mike’s sling studs.
Bolt-Action Rifle$4,320.00
2-Piece Rifle/Shotgun$4,680.00
Sidelock Rifle/Shotgun$5,220.00
Lever or Pump Action$3,000.00

Upgrade Options

The following list contains additional custom work and features that can be added to your gunstock. Please see the photogallery for some examples and don’t hesitate to e-mail or call if I can assist you in designing and planning your unique gun.
Checkering: Standard Point Pattern (included with base price)N/C
Checkering: Simple Wrap Point
add $240.00
Checkering: Complex Wrap Pointadd $390.00
Checkering: Fleur-de-lis
add $900.00
Checkering: Ribbons in checkeringadd $78.00 each
Leather Covered Padsadd $312.00
Metal Buttplate-Solidadd $462.00
Metal Buttplate-Skeletonadd $918.00
Grip Cap-Skeleton
add $280.00
2-Screw inletted Sling Stud
add $162.00 each
Signature Shield/Oval
Ebony Forend Tip
add $156.00
Cross-bolts-Metaladd $102.00 each
Cross-bolt with Ebony Plug
add $102.00 each
Trapdoor Grip Cap
add $618.00
Adjustable Comb (Shotguns only)
add $252.00
Padding for Comb above (Shotguns only)
add $108.00

Wood Options

Your choice of wood stock is the first, and one of the most important steps in building your gun’s new custom appearance. Walnut, Maple, Myrtle, and Cherry have been used throughout history as gunstock material.
I can provide wood for your project from the species listed above. Call for pricing and availability. The nicer the wood grade the higher the cost. Important Note: Wood grains and patterns very from sample, to sample. These are just examples and may not reflect the final grain patterns and colors of your final gun stock.

Black Walnut
Bastogne Black Walnut
Exhibition Grade Black Walnut

Terms and Conditions

You custom gun is hand crafted and shapped with care. I’m cofident that the finished product will meet your higest satisfaction. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my terms and conditions to ensure that you understand my process used to build your personalized gun stock.


  • Payment for custom work – one third deposit, one third when inleting and shaping is complete, balance due before return shipment to customer.
  • Payment for all other work – one half down before work begins, balance due before return shipment to customer.
  • Shipping is paid by customer both ways. I use Fed-Ex unless specified by customer.
  • No metal work is done at this shop.
    As mentioned, all work guaranteed to meet customer’s satisfaction.
  • Shop rate is $90.00 per hour.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact me for the current pricing before work begins.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.