The Stock Doctor | FAQs
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What are your hours?  I work Monday through Saturday.  I am on an appointment basis and discourage drop-in visits as it interrupts delivery. How may jobs do you do each year?  I have maintained a one job every three days average for the last ten years.....sometimes more than one leave each day.

What is your turnaround time?  That depends on how many jobs are in front of your when it arrives.  I try to do each job in a timely manner but will only give estimated dates for delivery...nothing firm.

How long to do a Custom project?  I quote 18 months to completion.  If the project is done sooner, we are both happy.

What kind of finish do you use?  My main finish is Pro Custom Oil.  I have 17 different manufactures of finishes in my inventory and will use what is needed to make the job correct.

What shipping options do you prefer?  I use Fed-Ex and USPS for return shipping unless the client insists on UPS.

Do you have time to talk?  It depends on your questions....every minute I am on the phone takes me away from bench time.  Questions are not a bother....talking just to be talking....another story.

Can you fix my gunstock?  Most of the time YES....there are very few exceptions...but they do exist.

Why have I never heard of you?  I have had a two year back log of work for over 10 years via word of mouth advertising.  I have not needed to nationally advertise for that long. The project line got too long for good business practices to prevail if I did.

What is the American Custom Gunmaker's Guild?  It is collection of craftsmen/women who have banded together to promote the furtherence of the Custom Gunmaking Craft.  It has become the trend setting group which other manufactures have measured themselves against in the Custom market.  This includes European countries which used to lead the way.